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Green Tape 10M

Green Tape 10M

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A tape that remains the only holder of the patented method for trimming stretchable adhesive films using a filament; this includes all vinyl films used in the graphics business. The tape has been specifically designed to operate with the stretchable adhesive films which are laid over contoured shapes with curved edges and contains novel features that allow the tape to turn easily and both directions.

  • Its a tape that can be used to cut graphic film
  • The tape has a visible high strength filament in the middle which is used to do the cutting
  • A clean cut is made along the entire length
  • The excess tape removes cleanly leaving no adhesive residue
  • The tape is extremely flexible which turns in any direction conforming to even the tightest contours and edges of any surface it is applied to or can be pulled straight creating precise cut lines
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